Tuesday, December 28, 2010

January Preview - Happy Holidays!

Things have been slow on the blog for the last couple of weeks, but not behind the scenes.  We've got some great new content coming in January.  We'll be taking a look at master builder, Kevin Ryan and one of his students, Garren Dakessian of Loucin Guitars.  Other builders will include Marshall Brune and Ron Tracy, and hopefully a word from McPherson Guitars as well.  Also, we'll be looking at a couple of takes on the hybrid, or cross-over, guitar for the boutique market by Todd Lunneborg and Tim Reede.  We'll also here more from Todd Lunneborg on tap tuning and the voicing process.  Also, we'll talk a bit about the importance of humidity control and take a look at a new product by Acoustic Remedy Cases.

 Todd Lunneborg Hybrid

Tim Reede "Librada" Hybrid

Marshall Brune with his latest design

Garren Dakessian of Loucin Guitars