Monday, November 22, 2010

An Evening with an Original McPherson & Scott Fraser

I had the good fortune of hearing a great player on an early McPherson during a wine tasting at a fantastic local Italian restaurant, Nonna Rosa's. The player was Scott Fraser, and the sound was just beautiful.  Similar to many a classic Jazz archtop in tone, but somewhat brighter with its own unique voice (see audio samples below).  I'm currently contacting McPherson to learn more about their official history, but according to Scott only 26 of these were ever made.  I'll post more details when I get a chance to talk to McPherson.

 You can check out Scott's website to here some more samples and read his bio, but the long and short (from my one evening listening front-and-center) is that he's a very versatile, capable player who knows a great guitar when he plays one.  He's been playing his McPherson for 35 years, and will likely continue to do so for the rest of his career.  I had a chance to play it myself, and I immediately understood why - it plays fast, feels great in hand and has a good sound and unique voice.

Audio Samples:


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